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Why can’t I update firmware for my dashcam?

The default file system for the included microSD card is FAT32. If you want to update firmware using another microSD card,

Please be sure to format your microSD card to FAT32 and set the Allocation Unit Size to 32 KB.

In addition, you also can use our DrivePro App to help update firmware. 

If you were using a 64GB microSD card with exFAT file system,

please be sure to format to FAT32 using your computer before firmware update.

Or we suggest to use included 16/32GB microSD (with FAT32) to update the firmware.




1. All data stored in the memory card will be erased after the formatting process is completed.  

2. It results in recording abnormally or file destroyed ifmemory card file format can't be supported by the DrivePro dashcam series.

3. The "System" folder will not be created after formatting the memory card. For firmware update, please directly put the firmware bin file

into the root directory.

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