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Why do I need to format the memory card of my dashcam regularly?

Dashcams usually perform read/write tasks extensively, which is why memory card errors occur after lots of use.

For the best recording performance, we suggest that you format the memory card quarterly. You can format the memory card on your dashcam, in the DrivePro App, or on your PC using a card reader.When formatting on a PC, be sure to set the Allocation Unit Size to 64 KB.


1. All data stored in the memory card will be erased after formatting is complete. Please back up your data before formatting.

2. If the memory card uses a file system/format that is not supported by the DrivePro, your DrivePro may fail to record or file corruption may occur.

3. After formatting, the System folder will not be regenerated. You can place the firmware update file in the root directory for the update.

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